Started by FrankThomas, January 17, 2007, 09:58:07 pm

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Messing around with surface shaders.  The reflection shader takes far too long to render on my PC so I thought I'd have a play with this one. 

Can't post the TGD 'cos it crashed just after the render finished - had to get it from the temp folders


Very nice looking. I hope o remember how you did it, that is a convincing wet shader. I am sure it would look great at a higher resolution :).


it's actually a water shader - I was going to try and find a nice intestinal pink colour for it but I didn't want to put people off their food :)

Dark Fire

At the moment it looks like very wet mud.


Yup, it's had a bit of postwork in PS which sorted the colours out.  I'm pretty sure that's what Luc uses to get the wet looking rocks on his renders - it's a lot faster than using a reflective shader