Beta Problems

Started by j meyer, November 12, 2008, 12:25:50 PM

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j meyer, you're the first person to ever notice that about my name. ;)

With Vista Tablet stuff disabled, I still retain pressure sensitivity & tilt through Wacom drivers in programs like Photoshop. Does your tablet have its own specific drivers?

j meyer

 ;D ;)

Yes it has,it's a wacom also.

j meyer

Now for something else.
As mentioned earlier
i had a really strange changing of values happening with the Alpine fractal,but didn't
document it.
Lately i was playing with the Alp frac and it happened again,this time i took a screenshot
and saved the tgd immediately.
The values before:feature scale 3000
                          lead in oct 2
                          smallest scale 100
                          noise oct 8
went to the other tab and changed scale step and stretch factor and switched back
to the first tab:    feature scale 3000
                          lead in oct    822
                          smallest scale  1.#INF
                          noise oct    0
screenshot is attached,if you need the tgd too,let me know.