Weird GI passes

Started by dandelO, January 16, 2009, 06:03:10 pm

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I'm not bug reporting this or anything, I broke it but, check these out...

Whilst playing with some negative light propagation levels and high fake internal scattering I made this happen to the GI pre-pass.

The first one, I've had happen on a few occaisions, usually with high luminosity/reflections etc. never with cloud settings alone! This one actually rendered(ugly, though).

The second, I've never seen before. Anyone else?
Anyhow, it didn't render, prepass finished and render was black.

This second one is weird, eh? A square pass.





These aren't bugs as far as I know.

Which pixel filters did you use?

The first picture probably has "bloom" activated in the pixel filter, which will give the thicker dots.
The second picture shows another pixel filter, can't say inmediately which. Thought it also showed areas of over-exposure, but I'm absolutely not sure about that.


They're definately not bugs. I said I broke it! ;)

I never uncheck bloom. I know that's what does this in the first pass, it happens when there is too much luminosity onscreen at a time when AA bloom is used. This only began happening in this beta release.

The second uses the same filter(catmull-Rom, my default), AA bloom checked as always. The factor making this happen is dense cloud with -2 light propogation and a fake internal scattering of 25!  :o

I know why they happened, just wanted to share!  :D :D :D


It's just very high brightness combined with the Bloom setting. The Bloom function has a hard pixel size limit so when a maximum brightness is reached it will actually create a large white square of exactly this area. Fortunately settings that produce this are generally very extreme.

- Oshyan