question about view that we see in top right compared with render preview

Started by akablueeye, January 19, 2007, 08:14:40 pm

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Well, today I tried my first real "terrain" and while I am having some frustration being not a high-end user..I am grasping a few instructions lol.

My first problem besides terrible lag...but haven't crashed yet!!

In the view to the right i was able to create a terrain and sky with clouds even...doesn't look too shabby for a first try but when I went to render preview, my sky is not there.

I believe, but not sure, has something to do with camera angles? its like its rendering everything but the sky....and the terrain is taking up the the entire preview window.

What do I need to do to include the sky in the entire render?



The world is round... so you have to use spherical projection.


It sounds like you may have moved the camera to show more of the sky but not pressed the Set Camera button. This last step is necessary to "commit" changes to the camera each time you make them. This can be a bit annoying but it's actually useful in the case where you move the camera but don't want to confirm the changes; you can then just press the View Camera button and it will take you back to your original camera position. There are other uses for this as well, once you get used to how it works. Just keep in mind that the preview will show a camera position even if you haven't Set it yet.

I highly recommend reading through the User's Guide initially. It should help you work with basic functions like the camera much more quickly and easily:;sort=subject

- Oshyan


Umm I did read the Users Guide Interface, :-) but I must have missed the part about "setting" the camera after each time I move it for you are correct I was trying to show more of the sky..I will give that a try now.

And yes, I believe I have the atmosphere tab checked if that is what Will is referring to..

Don't see a "render atmosphere" tab per se.

Apparently my computer is much too slow for this software, 1.8 athelon chip and 756 RAM is all but hoping for new computer soon! The lag while moving the camera is making my mouse jitter lol