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Started by Oshyan, January 21, 2007, 11:45:39 pm

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Here is an alternate lighting setup for those having trouble with Global Illumination or who want more explicit control over shadow color and lightness. This setup uses 3 fill lights in addition to the sun.


To use this clip file first delete your existing lighting nodes, then turn off Global Illumination by setting both detail controls to 0 in your Renderer. Next go to File->Insert Clip File and select the "fill lights.tgc" file previously saved. Now you should have a working fill light setup. Adjust fill light color and strength to affect shadow color and lightness. This is similar to the "multi-directional shadow lighting" setup from TG 0.9.

- Oshyan


Thanks Oshyan! You the Man! ;D


Thank you Oshyan. Now I can attack the scenes that turned magenta :)



I just need to tweak that texture a bit more...


Thanks Oshyan; and to Jay for reminding me to use this great file. Now, we can have the effect of ultra violet rays that creates the blueness in haze adding much realism to scenes. With or without GI, the Fill Light Setup works great and should be a standard option in the next update.


Thanks Oshyan! You saved my skybox from the clutches of GI!


JeBus it took me a long time to get here to get this...many thanks Oshyan...this will be of great utility.. ...
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This clip file still looks like it could be very helpful, even with all of the great improvements in lighting already.
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I have a feeling that this will help a great deal rendering our matte paintings both faster and flicker-free.  :) Thanks, Oshyan!


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Thank you very much Oshyan!  8)


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Correct me if I'm wrong but it works in TG3 and beyond only? :(

Oh gosh, just noticed dates... I'll be going now.  :P
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