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Terranim2Chan allows you to use Terranim to animate your camera movements on a terrain, and then convert the .tgs file into a chan file for Terragen 2.

Version 1.2 now uploaded.

Now gives ability to offset the x and z start positions of the terrain in Terragen 2.

** seems some people are having issues getting it to run properly, and it can sometimes have issues when run far from 0,0

Quick video example animation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8N9Q7TtHViU

Quote from: readme.txt
Created by: Spencer Brooks
Terragen Forums: neuspadrin
Date: 05/03/2009
Version: 1.2

Terranim2Chan will take the output Terragen script from Terranim (.tgs),
and convert it into a .txt file that is readable as a chan file in
Terragen 2 for camera movement through frames.

How To Use:
Double click the Terranim2Chan file to run the jar file.  It should come
up with a small window.
- First browse to find the tgs file you wish to convert.
- Input the offset values of where the terrain is located in Terragen2,
  by default when loaded in it usually is at 0,0 (x, z).
- Then double check the ter size and meters size for the conversion.
  By default TG2 generated terrain is 1000 ter size, and 10000 meters.
- Now browse to find where to save the file to.  You can save to an
  existing txt file, or type in a name for a new one.  If you do not
  set the file type to .txt, the program will automatically add it for you.
- Click convert.  The process should only take a second or two, but may be
  longer depending on the length of the animation.
- Once finished, it should pop up telling you it successfully completed, and
  inform you how many frames were processed from the tgs file.

Tips to make it work:
- Keep terrains positioned by lower left corner, not centered.
- Keep things square, ter size and meters.  Not 100% sure if it will work
- Displacement outside the ter (shaders for example) will not be shown when
 creating the animation in Terranim, and thus, might cause it hard to animate
 later as the terrain will be different heights/positions, etc.  Try to keep
 shader displacements as small as possible.
- Compensate for vegetation.  If you are doing close fly by's make sure you keep
 in mind where the vegetation will be too.

Java Runtime Environment to run the jar file.

Where can I get...
It also comes inside the original Terragen .9 download now it seems.


Questions? Bugs?
Just PM me on the official Terragen forums, user neuspadrin.

Change Log:
1.2 - Added ability to offset the terrain location.
1.1 - Fixed 1am in the morning math errors.
1.0 - Release!


Thanks.  This is on my list of things to try.
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?



using Terranim2Chan produces only a empty name.txt file with 0kb.

I tried to change all the options in the programmwindow, but the reult is always the same.

Does somebody know what I´m doing wrong? ???


can you upload the .tgs somewhere (like mediafire.com), so i can take a glance to see it.


@ neuspadrin


this is a simple terranim file.

Please try it out and perhaps you find what I am doing wrong.

Thank you!! ;D


Ran fine for me, processed 2557 frames, and output them to the correct area.

Did you follow the steps fully?

First browse to the .tgs, click it and hit open.

Then for the save to, hit browse, go to where you want to save it, and type a name at the bottom for filename, and hit save.

Then hit convert. You should be able to open it up just fine afterwards, in nameofsavedfile.txt, and it should display a message with the number of frames processed. 

Heres the output i got by running it with default settings for size/offset.


Thank you neuspadrin!

I do it exactly like you, but.... nothing happens.
Maybe I need a special .dll in my system?
I use WIN XP.


That's what it was coded and tested on.  Maybe something to do with file permissions?


What do you mean wit h file permissions?

I am always as an admin locked on.



Hi neuspadrin,

after opening the java-page it told me that my java-version is: 1.6.0_11.

That should be a newer version, isnt it?


March 28, 2009, 10:08:26 am #11 Last Edit: March 28, 2009, 10:17:15 am by neuspadrin
Nope, that's the version I'm running. Hmmm...

I just tried it on another xp machine with only jre, and it ran just fine.  Also tested on 2 Vista machines just fine....

Which leads me back to thinking could be some kind of file permissions thing where your jre isn't being allowed to write files fully and such. 



I tried it also on three different computers. With and without firewall and virusfilters......
Maybe it has been a problem by downloading.
I store the file in the mediafire folder where the .tgs-file is.

If you want, you can test this file.

Thank You.



again, 2557 frames processed no problems....


excuse me, neuspadrin,
i`m not used in english language.  :-\
The file i put in mediafire folder was your program Terranim2Chan, which i used to change the files.
I thought, that maybe this file is " defect ", and you can test it.