Rendering Clouds problem

Started by Aagam, March 23, 2009, 10:10:03 PM

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I opened up Terragen earlier today and began playing around as I normally do. I was working on some clouds, however when I went to render, the clouds didn't appear, however their shadows did. I attached a picture to show what I got. This has never happened before, and I didn't change anything really (I had just added a cirrus layer).


can you upload the .tgd?

Also, what is your coverage set to?


If you added a cirrus layer from the default choices, that's a 2D cloud. 2D clouds cannot be seen from above.
Change them to 3D and you should be good.



Ah I was wondering about that if it was because it was 2d only.

Henry Blewer

I had this occur. Delete the cloud layer. It seems to be a scaling problem in the denisity shader for the cloud layer. With my situation, the cloud scale was larger than the denisity shaders scale.
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Bah sorry guys, I forgot I asked this. Been so busy.

I tried deleting the cloud layer, didn't work. Tried restarting Terragen, didn't work. Reinstalled it, worked perfectly. Not too sure what happened there but all is good now :)


Actually my guess as to what's happening here is that you *are* seeing clouds, and the darker parts are gaps in them showing through to the planet (and shadows) below. The majority of what you're seeing is clouds. But I'd have to see a closer camera perspective or larger render to be sure.

- Oshyan