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Started by Oshyan, April 02, 2009, 01:48:01 am

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As part of the final release of Terragen 2, we are pleased to announce new documentation and other educational resources for Terragen 2.

Our documentation now includes a complete Node Reference, providing an overview of the functionality of every node, as well as detailed information on specific node settings. The Node Reference is currently being converted to its new online format, which will be completed shortly, but it already includes a great deal of new information. You can find the Node Reference here:

We are also pleased to debut our new Wiki, a powerful tool for community collaboration. With this Wiki system our community can put their extensive knowledge together in an organized and easily updated format. The Wiki is a great place to distill the results of lengthy and complex discussion into specific tips, techniques, and tutorials.

You can login to the Wiki with your forum username and password, though login/logout is not handled automatically at present. The Wiki is entirely user-driven and it will not be updated or edited by Planetside unless administrative assistance is needed.

More resources will be brought online shortly.

- Oshyan