whats up with this file ?

Started by Que, January 24, 2007, 04:51:22 pm

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im just wondering if anyone can look at this file and ..well tell me what i can do to maybe alter the rendering time as its really long an i dont know why cus theres not alot to it and not the first kind ive done like this but i think ive maybe clicked something i shoudlnt ...but dont no what i was just clickin things and adding shaders

Volker Harun

First thing I saw - and that takes time - is the reflection-shader.

Else, the quality setting in the clouds and atmospheres are very low.

As I do not have the heightfield that is supposed to be loaded, I can't tell, but it looks very nice so far.

By the way - you should name your shaders to keep an overlook even after dozens of renders when you reopen the file.



Thanks i'll remove that shader n see if it helps ...and your right i keep forgettin to name or save anything i just click click n render see what comes out but ..from now on im saving n naming lol