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Started by Aagam, April 29, 2009, 03:38:59 PM

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I remember reading a post saying Planetside offers student discounts. Can someone from Planetside explain if this is true and how the process works? I'd love to upgrade to the animation version but have very little money right now :(


This is true.
In a mail some "years" ago i got these prices for pre purchase purchaser (hrhr).

Normal: $199 (141€)
Update: $99 (70€)
Educational: $129 (91€)

Normal: $299 (212€)
Update: $199 (141€)
Educational: $189 (134€)

Btw, I want to upgrade from Deep purchased as educational to Deep+Animation educational as long as there is a pre purchase option.
Is there a way to upgrade now? John wrote me that the system isn't able for this (or was a month ago).
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O_o I did.  I technically purchased Deep normal, without realizing the student discount, then a bit of time later I noticed it, and asked to be upgraded to Deep + Animation educational and they managed to help me there.

But Goms prices are correct, at least at prepurchase rates.

The process is to email planetside, wait a bit, and probably give a shout out on the forums here that you did so (so they actually check the spam filter as half them seem to go there).

And they can set you up with the student discount.


Awesome, thanks guys! I'll send an email and go from there. I have a fairly good idea for a short movie I'd like to make in Terragen :)


Yes, just email registrations AT and we can provide you with the most up-to-date pricing info and arrange the purchase.

- Oshyan