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Started by DaSucker, May 06, 2009, 04:47:54 am

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i'm working on a scene for almost a week now. Everything works fine til today. If i want to load my scene
with TG2 (Deep the program crash. BTW: I have no special chars im my nodes! So what now? Is my work now lost?
PLz help!

Thanks in advance...

Here is a Zip-Archive of my scene


Crashes when I try to load it as well. I don't suppose you saved with an incremental number at the end of the file name, ie cliffs01, cliffs02,..etc? If not, then you've just found out why it's a good idea, not just for corrupted saves, but you can always roll back to something if you decide a path you've taken ends up being the wrong one, or something you've done causes a crash.

You can get back some of your node settings by opening up the .TGD in a text editor.


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Hetzen makes good points. I've looked at the scene in a text editor - it's VERY complex. It's also very large (over 1 MB) for a TGD. But when I was scanning through, I noticed three places where there was information stored inside <custom> </custom> tags - all three were inside painted shaders, and had something to do with blobs. Does that mean anything to you? Anyway, when I deleted these three custom tags, and saved, the file size dropped right down, and I was able to load it. I got 35 errors, but those all related to missing images or objects. Presumably if you save it to the same place in your file structure, it should open without errors. Here it is.

EDIT: the contents of the <custom> tag is ENORMOUSLY long, and looks like it's in binary - so that must have been the problem. Were you trying out some experimental plug-in of your own??


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thanks for your fast replys!
@domdib: yes now it works again! But all my painted shader are now gone. I think (guess) this <custom> </custom> tags
have to do with the painted shaders and this are the coordinates/position etc data of it. So i have to paint my shaders again,
but this is minor problem for me (i guess) ;). Many thanks again! This community is absolutely fantastic.

Best regards

EDIT: No i have no plugs or other things running. only a clean installation of TG2 Deep...


You're welcome.

I just checked one of my files with a painted shader, and it also has the custom tag, so I think your guess re the coordinates is right.


Good find, very useful to know about this if it might happen to me too once, thanks :)



I'm not exactly sure what I've found here, except that it *might* be the case that extensive use of painted shaders can create problems. Perhaps PS can chime in with a suggestion as to why this might happen?


I think i can reproduce the problem. I saved my scene while i was in the painter shader mode (Erase).
Maybe this will cause the the corrupted data in the tgd. Could somebody crosscheck this?



Haven't tested this, but I propose this thread be locked and moved to the Support Forum, so a resolution can be sought there.


I've seen this problem recently as well, and used the same fix. I believe Jo, who implemented the painted shader, is aware of the issue, but I'll be sure he takes a look at this thread. If there's something we can do to prevent this in the future, we'll include the fix in a future update.

- Oshyan



Although I don't have a resolution for this problem yet, I thought I would mention that the data inside the <custom> tags is the data for the painted shader, well if the custom tags are also inside the painted shader and all that.