Problems with large images

Started by nikita, January 26, 2007, 06:26:41 PM

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Yes that's huge and I don't ask for support that soon. But there seems to be a general problem with allocating memory in TG2. Ok, 21600*100800 is almost insane, but rendering at poster size is a common problem.
The fact that rep is able to render at such large sizes on his mac suggests that it's the usual XP problem of windows being unable to allocate more than 2GB for a single application. If that's true, the 3GB switch or Vista might solve the problem.

QuoteMany things will improve and much more will be possible by the time the final release is made later this year.


6.5 GB that is what I was thinking. With the computers on the market I do under stand why the software is not 64bit.  Was this software meet to be released as Bata for testing not as a Preview? Can I get around the rendering problems with a multithread OS like Mac OS X server 10.4?


More effective memory management and CPU load handling optimization I am sure is on the list of things to do before release of the first commercial release version of TG2. The old Terragen had a memory Usage limit option in the "Advanced Tab" of the Render Settings where you could specify in Megabytes the maximum memory size of the render buffers; I really hope this will be returning to the finial release version.

From an "End User Frustration [EUF]" issue stand point is to do with some applications not releasing memory after they have finished with it the same can be true with applications not releasing CPU cycles after they have completed there use of them, the other area of concern would be memory leaks.

I am sure that TG2 is being tested for these problem areas but I raised them any way.

Oshyan you mentioned Mip-mapping, I was thinking about this the other day while reading another post which I believe was to do with a problem with instances in populations, where you have a high population density practically near the horizon where problems can arise with the perspective of these instances would mip-mapping if implemented be extended to populations as well as the prescribed case of image maps?

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I believe population detail is already reduced with distance, but I think there is more room for optimization in this area. Level of detail functions, whether automatic or assisted, will probably be improved and expanded in the future to increase efficiency and lower resource use.

- Oshyan