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Started by Aagam, May 09, 2009, 11:13:54 AM

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Sorry if this has been answered... couldn't find it at least.

I just upgraded to animation today (yay) and I want to make sure I have the the right idea of how it's essentially done. Just for a test, I set a very short (3 frame) animation. On frame 1 was the base camera position and I set it's keyframe, then I moved the slider on the bottom of the program to frame 3 to another camera position. Then, I went to render > Sequence/Output > put 3 as the "Sequence Last" (since I was only using 3 frames) and then hit Render Sequence. I got my 3 images now called temp.0001, 0002, 0003. I'm assuming these images must be taken to another program now to sequence together into a movie clip?

Also, it seems that blur is automatically on the animation renders. This is nice, but if I want to make an animation without blur (or to decrease/increase the amount), how is that set/can it be set?

Thanks guys!


Motion blur is located in the camera settings, right under light exposure.

And yes, you render the sequence then post process it into some program that can turn the frames into what file format you want at the fps you want.  Free programs you could use are ffmpeg and mencoder, which both have command line interfaces and commands you can do to take a directory of image files and convert them into a movie at a given fps, resolution, etc.


Great, thanks! I've never used ffmpeg before, but I do have a copy of iStopMotion pro since I do a lot of stop motion animation. Now I just have to finish up my animation idea :)