Help needed for specular highlights !

Started by pclavett, May 23, 2009, 05:21:41 pm

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Hi TG2 enthusiasts !

Have been fiddling with this file all week in the aim of producing a decent vegetation surface for mostly distant surfaces. I think that it is near that goal but there is a missing final touch which would be decent specular highlight on the canopy of trees. I have put in a reflective shader at the end but find that if we push it the whole thing start to look kind of plastic, sort of a Lego type forest.... which is not the point !!!

I have attached the file for those of you that would like to see the inner works and "fix" the highlights. Would like them to be kind of granular so as to mimic the individual leaves reflecting the sunlight. I am sure that of the experts in the forum has some idea of what to do.

If some of you want to keep this file and use the texture... you are very welcome to the file ! If you do use it in some of your projects please recognize where it came from !

Thanks in advance to all of you and take care !!!