"Terragen 2 + Xfrog Plants"

Started by Mohawk20, May 25, 2009, 06:12:50 am

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Just wondering...
I bought the 'TG2 and Xfrog Plant Bundle', and it arrived today! (Wooohooo  ;D 8) ;D)

I got an e-mail from John earlier with my new key file and the download links.
That got me thinking. I already own Deep+Animation, so I don't need another key file.
Is this new key file free along with the upgrade, or did I pay for this as well?
I thought I only had to pay for the plants because that's all I needed...
If I have paid for an extra key as well, how much of the total $400 did I pay for only that key?



TG2 + Animation + Xfrog Plants = 699 bucks
699 - (TG2 + Animation) = 699 - 299 = 400 bucks

Seems to me you only payed for the plants...


If you were sent a new key file, and already had Deep + Animation, then I think that's probably just a mistake. Buying the bundle "upgrade" from Deep + Animation does not grant you another set of TG2 licenses.

- Oshyan


That's what I was thinking...
So I'll just ignore the key file.

But the good thing about it is, with any other upgrade you'll have that new key file quick as lighting, so the Planetside support team scores again! Great job.

(I'll lock this topic off, as this case is closed.)