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Started by Magica, June 03, 2009, 09:53:25 PM

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Whenever I load terragen 2, none of the buttons display except the file/edit/view buttons at the top. I read a problem from someone else in here who said they needed to update their video card and that fixed the problem, and I did that which fixed it for a day, but now today it's back to it's old crap. I've tried reinstalling, which didn't work. Terragen classic works just fine. I'm running on a Dell Inspiron laptop, 2GB of RAM, and Windows XP.


I just purchased TGDeep before the deadline expired. I installed it on 2 of my computers and it worked fine for a day then it did like you say and a lot of the buttons came up missing at start-up of TGDeep on one of computers. After a couple of tries at TGDeep and a couple of computer restarts I Uninstalled TGDeep then reinstalled it. After reinstall I went directly and rebooted my computer without opening any programs. After the computer rebooted TGDeep has been working fine. Can't say it will fix your problem, but it fixed mine.  ;D


As noted, this is usually a problem with display drivers. It tends to happen in particular on laptops or other more unusual or less-well-supported graphics chipsets (old S3 stuff, etc.). If updating drivers does not help, try temporarily disabling Windows XP Theming (switch to "classic"). If that fixes it, try switching back.

- Oshyan


It can also be the case that switching an image that's rendering and the main application, when the processor is busy during the rendering of a complex scene can also cause this; or the operating system is using a lot of RAM at the time of the change of window call and thus will not display the buttons at that time and may freeze the program in the process, I have had this before even on my quad core.

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