One step into Gloucestershire - My Final Entry into the NWDA competition

Started by Hetzen, June 06, 2009, 07:08:52 pm

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Thanks for the encouragement.

Here's an update, I want to play with the birch a little more, not too happy about the leaf colour and need to have a go at the bark tile, especially the displacement map at the branch roots. The GI on this one is 1 2, so there's room for improvement in the shadows, maybe need to make the stone gaps wider, but as there's going to be plants infront of the wall, I may leave as is. Oh, the wall is completely procederal btw. 50 mins to render on a quad core 2.66 XP32bit.


Wow. That stone wall rocks!

Re the birch model, where did you get it from? The twigs seem a bit too straight to me - they usually are slightly curved - and the leaf distribution seems too regular, and the leaves a bit too big. See this pic for an example:


Thanks for the link, that does help. It's an Xfrog birch from their European collection.


Mmm, I may have spoken too soon on the birch, as I'm thinking of the silver birch, but there are other varieties, such as the downy birch, that don't have those distinctively curved twigs as in the picture. Nevertheless, the twigs do look a bit too straight for a real tree - I'm surprised to hear it's an Xfrog model.


Well to be fair, one of my colleages had played around with it a bit, so he might of bastardized it somewhat. I'll check with him tomorrow.


I love the rockwall! Really great.
I agree about the tree, though, the leaf spacing is too regular. Not your fault at all, just find a better tree. :)
This is a fantastic render already, you shouldn't take it down a notch by using the wrong model.

That wall! It even has moss! :o



I'd put some higher tufts of grass at the foot of the birch to conceal its rather simple roots, work on the branches and perhaps put some ferns or moss on the stone wall. And some fill in light in the very dark shadow.



Wow - love the rock wall - I've wanted to do one myself; I must give it a blast.  The background is especially realistic in this one - let's see some more :)


Outstanding render. the mid to background is totally believable, but, do you know what...? because of the strength of the back/mid ground and the wall, I don't think you need the tree at all. Just my 2p worth  ;D

I love the smell of caffine in the morning


not far from my home town...looks great...wouldn't be the west country without a crop circle though!;)


All great suggestions, many thanks.

I think you're right about the birch, and it had been tinkered with, it originally had autumn follaige. So it's now been put to the chainsaw. I'll have to find something else.