One step into Gloucestershire - My Final Entry into the NWDA competition

Started by Hetzen, June 06, 2009, 07:08:52 pm

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Wonderful realism. When you're finished with this scene it's going to take a real practiced eye to determine that this isn't a photograph.

I hope I realise I don't exist before I apparently die.


Very inspirational work here. Makes me think I better go back to finger painting!


I just need to tweak that texture a bit more...


How is this one going so far? Near finished or did you make it even better? :)



Been busy the last couple of weeks, so not had much TG time. Did a little bit the other night. I need to get this job out of the way before I can get stuck in.




Not sure I like the previous colour correction.


Simply awesome work, very good!
I prefer the 2nd one, the 1st one is a bit too contrasted and too dark in the shadows (especially in the upper left)



Glad to see you're finally working on this again. As TU says, awesome stuff, and I agree the second image is better. The one thing I'd remove is the house in the midground, as its colour makes it look shopped in.


I like this latest image. Something you might consider is a fill light giving a bit of light to the lower shadowed area. This would give more detail to the broken wall and surrounding area; yet, I don't think it would take away from the primary focus. Beautiful work here.

Henry Blewer

This is great. I agree that the house looks out of place. It's probably because of the atmosphere settings.
Forget Tuesday; It's just Monday spelled with a T



Thanks for the feedback guys. The house hasn't been textured yet, I thought I'd just throw it in and see what people said. I think it's too large, and needs to drop down a little.

I'm not sure about using a fill light on this one, I'd rather notch up the camera exposure to 3, which seemed to do the trick on a test I did last night.

I also think the moss has become a bit luminous, I think it needs to be darker.

Anyway, I'm now running out of time, and another TG project has become a priority with work, so one more render, and that will be that.


Great progression on this one, time to pack our bags nothing more to see or do its all here.