Planet rendering bugs

Started by Orca, December 21, 2006, 04:47:21 PM

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Hello everyone,

I've done much testing with planets the last few days and I experienced two major problems, that seem to me to be bugs.

Look at this picture:

Both planets have atmospheres, but they seem to interfere in a way that is not correct. If I disable the atmosphere of the background planet, everything looks okay (but then I do not have an atmosphere on that planet, of course).

When I move a planet, that has atmosphere and clouds on it, the atmosphere does not seem to update to the new planet position. This happens when I move them by drag-and-drop in the preview but also when I just change the values on the "angular position" tab.
Here two showing for the problem:

Before moving:

After moving:

I found some workaround for it by detaching and attaching the node connections in the internal network of the planet; then the atmosphere seems to be forced-updated and everything is okay. But it's quite annoying when you move around your planets a lot.

Greetings from Germany,


Thanks Tobias. These are all known bugs, but it's helpful to get more details and examples.

- Oshyan