Terragen to Blender

Started by Larachan, June 11, 2009, 09:52:05 am

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Hi world! :D
I'm trying to export Terragen landscape to Blender, using the script ter2blend...but it doesn't export the texture of terragen..
I have only the mesh..what can I do??
Please help me  :'(
Thank youuu :o


Ter2Blend does not export the textures. There is no way to export textures directly from TG 0.9 (or TG2 for that matter). The best you can do is a top-down orthographic rendering with neutral lighting and 0 atmosphere, which you can render out square and use as a texture map draped over your terrain export. But in order to get acceptable quality the render resolution must be very large indeed. This is just the limitation of raster graphics vs. the native procedurals of Terragen and it's a large part of why primary landscape detail is always recommended to be rendered natively in Terragen rather then exported for render in another app.

- Oshyan