Cloud Cuttoff

Started by PG, June 19, 2009, 06:03:42 pm

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I'm having an odd problem, I can't find an existing topic on it. The cloud is cuttoff very sharply, I'm not inside the terrain and I've tried altering the height of the cloud and the camera position but it makes no difference. I've included a clip of the atmosphere group. Any ideas?
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Could you include the tgd in your downloadables,  I'm thinking it might be your camera, it looks like its at the exact (ish) height as the bottom of your clouds ...

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Unfortunately not. As I said, I tried moving the camera around and it was the same result.
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Hard to say without the full scene file. Your clip file alone does not reproduce the problem.

- Oshyan


I figured it out, this is part of an animation and I forgot to remove the start key so the camera was in the same place when I started rendering ::)
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