PHP automator script

Started by Falcon, July 05, 2009, 05:01:40 pm

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The attached file shows how .tgd files can be modified by a PHP script and run in batch-processing.

Requires TG2 Deep (for the CLI client) and PHP 5. On a Mac, you already have PHP installed. For windos - sorry, you're on your own, but there's pretty good documentation on how to install PHP.

Camera movement is actually an arbitrary example. You can modify anything. You can use this to render animations without the animation package, but the purpose I use it for is to render different versions of the same scene in a batch, to stitch them together, or just pick out the one that's best.

Oh yeah, and for automatic cubemap setup for skyboxes. Using this is much more comfortable than the clip file I posted a few days ago (before this was done).

Change the extension to .php before you run it, as the .txt extension is just so the forum software accepts the upload.