The TG2 Vintage Thread

Started by FrankB, July 06, 2009, 04:12:12 pm

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what about a little summer game?
Have you ever tried to create TG0.9x style renders with TG2? Yes? No?
Let's post TG0.9-Style renders here in this thread.
Looking like Tg0.9, but just a tad better (because of TG2)
I'll give it a start. With tgd.



Nice little scene. Maybe for those of us who've never used TG 0.9, a few pointers on what would constitute a typical scene? I'm guessing no objects or populations? And very simple surfacing?


ah, no rules for this. I don't mind what you put in there.
The key to an old TG0.9x look is just in the atmospherics. People usually made high contrast skies, light beams, and there was no GI. There was either an equivalent of fill light, and/ or something close to ambient occlusion.
Just look at the planetside TG0.9 gallery, there should be some of these in there.


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yeah, this one definitely qualifies. It has that certain TG0.9 look in the atmosphere.