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TG-2 preview
Thanks for looking, I'm not sure who made the tree
its file name is kk4d sorry it didn't have a text
file with it, so thanks to who ever made it


What's up with the image's compression? It looks overcompresssed?
Anyhow, this is a very nice tree and scene. As far as I know the tree is from Klas Krusen and is called "The Tree".
I think the lighting is very nice in this image. Good atmo and nice stones as well.
You might consider rendering this image with more cloud and atmo samples to give it a cleaner and more crisp look.



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Nice image ...I'd like rename it "Before the Storm..."
nice shadows. Hmmmm but  something sounds wrong about them seems that you two sun lights one at 12h and the other at 9h isn't it ?
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This is a lonely image. It's great. The dot pattern though... I wish png could be used here.
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Beautiful composition, pretty setting in light!