Siggraph 2009

Started by cyphyr, April 26, 2009, 02:18:10 pm

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Absolutely THE Computer graphics festival to be seen at, are we going to be represented? It would be great to see Planetside there, in fact it would be great to be there but I'll have to leave that to my Yankie cousins over the pond (or thoes with a big fat check book :) )

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I'll be there. Anybody else?


You wanna pay $6000 for a booth? ;D Apparently Matt and Osh usually go.
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I went in 1991. I was miserable. I hate crowds. It was noisy. The Newtek booth was 5 deep. Never again, even if I could afford it.
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Actually I've never been! ;D Matt goes most years though. We'll almost certainly have a booth next year, but this year it was just too soon.

- Oshyan