awesome selection of 3d renders from CG_Society

Started by inkydigit, July 28, 2009, 10:19:41 am

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yes, each image that you post at CGSociety can take more than 1000 hits... I mean if the quality worths it ^^


the deleted post wasn't an image, it was a news post that the tg2 contest is finished.


yes i know frank... just to point that we post some renders there (Martin and nvseal too if i remember correctly...) and it is a good way to change people's idea about TG2... and have your render seen by a lot more people than just PS forum or RDR or even DA... :p


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Quote from: Oshyan on July 30, 2009, 02:47:47 am
We're certainly investigating CGSociety as a possible advertising partner, however I don't think it's our place to request a section in their forums for Terragen. My understanding is that comes from popular use and the amount of threads for a particular app that show up in the general sections.

- Oshyan

You are right that it would probably be futile at this point anyway for Planetside to request a forum - but I didn't mean it like that. The key thing like everytime in sales is building a relationship with people. Note that I said people, not company. That is naturally a target you would want to achieve either for effective lobbying, or direct selling. I don't know at which position on your list of objectives a relation to cgsociety stands, but let's imagine for a second you deem it important. Owners of a marketplace or central information exchange platform - or both like in this case - have a lot of power that a vendor like yourself could utilize.

So IF you had a personal relationship to one of the decision makers of that place, how difficult would it be to get a forum there? Or an interview? An article special? Meet the Artist? Good prices on ad space? A place in the newsletter?....
Now how much more difficult is it to achieve all this if you don't know anyone there? It's a rethorical questions, almost, because it's so easy to know the answer: either you pay a lot of $$ or don't get any of that.

Are these guys going to siggraph, for example? I would recommend to arrange a meeting, buy a lunch, have a chat. So next time you want something, you give the guy a ring, and get the business going. It can't get any cheaper than that ;-)

So much for Frank's sales and marketing crash course ;-)



Yes, all very easy on "paper" I think. Of course the CGS guys have many people courting them and after them for discount and free stuff and other favors. We're a small player, it's not so easy as that. ;D But we're putting our feet in the door...

- Oshyan