world thru "terragen colored glasses"

Started by folder, August 18, 2009, 12:50:03 PM

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ok here is an odd topic for discussion - but lately as i either look at nature photos or even nature itself (back yard, park) i find myself wondering what shaders or how many surface layers I would need to achieve that effect. and while i find this preoccupation rather interesting.  I was wondering if others sometimes find themselves doing this.




And as a mountaineer I always look up at hills and plan routes up 'em or when I did a lot of canoeing look down into rivers when crossing bridges, and plan routes, still do infact.


Henry Blewer

I have been seeing fractals in nearly everything since IMandelbrot on the Amiga in 1989. My dad was a land surveyor. They are obsessed with accurate measuring. I took Civil Tech in college. There was a program for DOS called Cogo. I added a fractal algorithm to the calculation which compensated for the stretch of steel tape by temperature. He was quite skeptical and never used it.
Since then other people have done this and more to produce more accurate maps.

But back to the topic. Yes, I look at my surroundings and images and start thinking 'how'?
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Every time I look up. To capture the near infinite level of detail of the real world you'd need to think pretty methodically. I'm a programmer by trade so I tend to split things into categories;
air, land and sea breaks down into
clouds, atmosphere, sun, celestial bodies
flats, hills and rocks and
oceans, lakes, rivers, ponds
then I'd break these down even further.

But that's only if you want to put a lot of effort into it, which if you want to recreate nature you'd have to. Planning ahead saves a lot of hair loss and constipation in the future :D
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Oh yes.  ;D

And before TG I used to think in terms of POV-Ray.   Defining colours as RGB triplets amd the like.
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What stopped me in my tracks is when I caught myself thinking that a real cloud didn't have enough samples.   ::)
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Yeah, just snapped this, (I do this all the time for reference), think the nature gods went a bit ott on the warp shader
richard :)

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Same.  Often while driving or walking and I notice something cool, I start to consider how to do it with terragen.

wish i had a better camera then my cell phone ;) then id prob take a lot more pictures of things that intrest me for later attempts with terragen :P

Volker Harun

I stopped doing this - it was a promise to my lovely wife. There is work, there is terragen and there is family.

But yes ... I was heavily that way ;)

Henry Blewer

I love being single. If I find a girl who will put up with me, she better be as addicted to computers as I am. There are not many women who put up with me for long. ::)
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my girlfriend thinks im insane when i start to stare off at various things and wonder how to do them in terragen, but she loves me all the same :P

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I spent an afternoon watching ants swarm a cup that had a milkshake in it. My ex was thinking about calling the men in white coats. It was cool. One ant type found it first, then a different species came along. They had a battle. A beetle was attacked. She was too busy sunbathing, and got mad when I started talking about it on the way home.
Forget Tuesday; It's just Monday spelled with a T


watch it on animal planet and its fine, watch it in real life your crazy... such a horrible world we live in :P

whats wrong with a lil real life entertainment while out in the sun.


I don't need to travel on busy roads anymore; just create my own landscape to wander in. But seriously, this crazyness does let you really look at things in nature. Not just glance uninterestedly, as many people do (if they look at all). You see a thousand times more than 'ordinary' people.
I find myself thinking TG when outside, fractals, warps, colours, displacements, whatever. When heavy on photography, I used to look at everything through 'compositionary eyes', very tiring.