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Started by DanC, August 19, 2009, 02:41:22 PM

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Hi there,

I work for a small gaming company, and I generated a sky box using the free version of Terragen (before registration).

However, since we want to use this sky box commercially, we bought a license of Terragen yesterday.  Would I need to regenerate the skybox using the registered version of Terragen, or was simply purchasing a license enough for safe commercial use?

It would be really great if I didn't need to regenerate it, because it took a lot of tweaking, and was also a composite of two different sky boxes.

Thanks for your answers,



Licensing gives you permission to use the fruits of the product for commerical purposes, so you've already created the fruits and now you have the permissions. Go for it, and don't forget to shoot over a link to the game ;)
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You should be fine.  However, one of the benefits of said license is to allow you larger and better quality renders, which perhaps you will want to consider.  Then again, with skyboxes its not as much a requirement.


Thanks guys  :)

The game is aimed at a broad audience (ie slower computers too), so we're trying to keep the resolution low.  Still, I can't say enough good things about Terragen, it's the coolest.



Hi Dan,

As an official note, just purchasing the license is sufficient and you don't need to regenerate the image.