"Random Seed" node ????

Started by pclavett, September 19, 2009, 06:34:48 pm

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I am still experimenting with a variety of node setups and find it boring to try to feed in constant scalars (and entering "random numbers in it) into the "seed" input of various other nodes such as "Voronoi's". Is there a way of setting up random numbers generator to do this, as it exists in some other nodes such as the PF ! Are there plan for such a "node" that would randomly generate numbers ? Stupid question ???

Henry Blewer

I use a 'get function' sometimes to generate random seed number. This keeps the same seed each time, which you need for animation, or doing final detail work. Just plug the function into the seed input. I normally use the keypad, and just type in a number.
So far there is not a random number generator.
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Volker Harun

You can feed any kind of function into the seed input.
For example a powerfractal with a low colour 0 and a high colour 1000.