A complete newbie humbly asking for assistance with masks

Started by jubuttib, September 28, 2009, 07:46:54 pm

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Thanks again everyone. I've been looking around for stuff on the clamp, and it seems to fit the bill perfectly. I'll try to work it in.

@dandelO: Yeah, I found that and started to play with it actually. It really is beautiful in it's simplicity.

@Tangled-Universe: I thought it was odd too, then I had an epiphany. Even if it limits the values at 0 or above, it's not enough. If most of the coast is at, say, 10 meters and I set the water level to 9 accordingly, then values under 9 will be underwater. And if I set the water level to 0, then that doesn't really work. So I need to limit the values to about 9 and over for this thing to work as it is.