Is there a render temp directory?

Started by CAcreations76, November 14, 2009, 01:09:47 PM

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I just had my Terragen 2 scene blue screen after 24 hours of rendering. it was almost completed...
I'm guessing through the posts that I read that it had a memory dump.
It sure took a dump of some sort. What I don't understand is that I have eight gigs of RAM.
Could it have run out of memory? The last time I looked, it was only using up two GB.
What I would like to know, is there a temporary folder for renderers.
Not just completed renderers, I know there is a temporary directory for them.
Does Terragen save a partial render anywhere?
This is a real kick in the head...

oh, my system is a 2.6 x4 running Windows 7 x64
I overclocked to 5% @2.73

maybe overclock caused the crash


Partial renders are not saved unfortunately. Even though you may have a large amount of memory, TG2 is a 32 bit application so it can only use up to a theoretical maximum of 4GB, and in practice this is actually less, around 3.5GB in my tests. Still this is enough for pretty complex scenes, and usually if a memory-related crash occurs, it only closes TG2 (and you will normally see an error message, it won't simply vanish). The fact that you apparently had a blue screen suggests it is something more serious, very possibly related to the overclocking you did, possibly heat-related. Even though it is only a slight overclock, you should definitely have some heat monitoring software and keep an eye on it.

- Oshyan


thanks for the reply, maybe this can be implemented in a future release.

Anyway, i learned something important about rendering in sections through cropping.

If I could only set rendered quadrants to batch render.... ::)