Wings 3D is a good, free, object editor for TG2

Started by Ricowan, December 21, 2006, 11:51:44 PM

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Modo will open .lws scenes, but Terragen is exporting LW5.x scenes..
Manually text editing them loads them fine, or re-save in LW, load in Modo.
These days lightwave scene files use LWSC3, Terragen is using LWSC1.

I'm not sure why Terragen breaks the .lws into multiple objects (Oshayan?)
In Terragen 0.9, LW6.x has a point limitation of 257x257 (which sucks)

But this limit was removed, long a go with the .lwo format.
I'm not sure if Matt's aware of .LWO's updated spec format.

So i don't think it should need to break them into multiples anymore,
but it still works fine, it seems to export great detail in TG2.


It's not a major problem but more convenient to simply import the lightwave object as one mesh. I've got individual meshes, materials, lights and cameras on every section of the mesh which I then have to sort out. However I've got TG meshes of over 2 million polys into Modo which is pretty cool. More than enough to use for Modo scenes and the TG terrains are more realistic than anything coming from Vue or Mojo so this is a very nice partnership.