Multi-core rendering?

Started by Welles, December 22, 2006, 12:54:31 AM

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I'm running a 2.66 MacPro. When I render an image in Terragen 2 only one of the four cores is maxed out or nearly. While the CPU cycles tend to shift from core to core, I was wondering if full utility of multi-core processors is to be a part of the public release of TG2?


Multi-threading (and therefore utilisation of mult-core CPUs) is high on our agenda for 2007.

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That's great to hear, Matt. I'm a pretty serious Vue user and find the potential of Terragen extraordinary because the quality of terrains, atmospheres (particularly cloud formations) and water planes is superb. Thanks for your response.


..I second that!

Multithreading will be VERY welcome! :)