placing xfrog plants

Started by wayne, December 17, 2009, 10:37:14 PM

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Although I have tried to place xfrog plants in my scene when I render my scene they are not there. I can bring them up in the objects screen, but after that I must be messing up. Would someone kindly walk me through placing them in my scene in a location I choose and also to place them in my scene as a diffuse population covering the planet.


Have you added the trees through the Add Object>Population menu? You might have only added one with Add Object>Object instead.
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Henry Blewer

Objects have to have location data, either for single instances or for populations. By right clicking on the preview image, at a location in front of the camera, you can copy the coordinates using the pop up menu. Now paste the coordinates into the area center of the object/population. You do this by clicking on the box to the right of the inputs.
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This is how I do it.....
Click on "Objects" tab - upper left corner
Click on "Add Object" - upper left just below tabs
Two selections are offered.... object option will add one individual object...Population will add numerous objects.
To add numerous objects click on population at the bottom of the TGO reader.
Your hard drive directory will appear...locate the TGO you want to use and double click it.
Two nodes are created in the upper left object maker and one adjuster.
In the first one...object maker - click it.....towards the center is a distribution tab.
Below that is area center - three boxes at 0, 0, 0...TG2 loads all objects to the lower left corner in a very small area (1000 x 1000)...if your camera POV is in the upper right corner or in the middle of the terrain then you will not see the objects because they are over the hill and far
First increase area length to 5000 x 5000....the larger the size the longer the render time.
Now we need to move the objects where the camera or POV is....
Click on the camera tab - top middle
Click on render camera - upper left box
Go down to the center of that box and notice Position -  click on the folders button to the far right of the three x,y,z  position boxes it will say "copy coordinates or paste coordinates"
Click on copy coordinates and go back to the objects tab.
Click on "Objects" tab - upper left corner
Go down to the area center and click on the folders button and paste the coordinates
Now the objects are centered on your camera...half of the objects are in front of and half are behind your camera....adjust x,y,z for best fit.
Hope this helps...