multiple cameras and the viewport

Started by neon22, February 16, 2007, 04:34:59 pm

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I like having multiple cameras then hooking them up to different render nodes.
This makes it easy to jump around the scene to a number of pre-made viewpoints and see wide, closeup, and reverse shots.
However getting the viewport to show the right camera is a game of chance :-)

any way to make this easier in the next update ?
I.e.  simple - like viewport follows the most recently selected camera,
       or more complex - like viewport indicates which camera its looking through ?


Yeah, this is a wonderful tool to have. I set one up about 6 or 8 Km to view from above. Really comes in handy for setting tree populations and lake size just to mention a few.


Selecting different cameras will certainly be made easier in the future, although this will not be included in the next update I'm afraid.

For now the viewport follows the camera associated with the last selected/viewed Render node. You may have to press the View button to make sure you're viewing the current camera though. The simple process to switch (although admittedly it is a kludge) would be to click a render node to bring up its settings, either in the Node List under Renderers, or in the Network View, then click View under the 3D Preview Window.

- Oshyan