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Started by dlefik2008, December 30, 2009, 10:32:51 pm

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Hi everyone, pretty new here to terragen 2 and have to say this program is unbelievable. got around to trying it out last night and ran into a problem when rendering an image and thought maybe someone could give me an idea of what the problem is. It's kind of hard to explain but there's like some kind of vertical lines in random spots that have like a lighter and darker part to it. I've attached an image and circled in red exactly what I'm talking about. hope someone can point me in the right direction and sorry if i didn't post enough info.

it's just rather annoying and it's happened on several different occasions.


It has to do with the acceleration cache in the details of the cloud shader. Try another setting; the top one for instance.


thanks for the reply, ill definitely give that a shot and see how it turns out.  ;)


It'll turn out nicely, just set it to 'none - highest detail'.


not entirely sure it's the acceleration cache. Can you check and post which version of TG2 you have?



Looks more like a problem with the GI between buckets to me.
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well actually after fiddling with quality settings and setting them slightly higher(eg. slightly higher detail and higher atmosphere quality), i've managed to completely eliminate this problem without killing the render times. i'm thinking it was just a lower quality problem.

i'm still pretty new to this but i guess had i actually just took a little more time to figure things out i wouldn't have had to ask.

@frank, i rendered this out using 2.1