Vue plants In Terragen 2

Started by jtmjtm2001, December 29, 2009, 03:34:44 am

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Has anyone had any success using Vue plants in Terragen? I want to export them to .obj to use in Terragen. I'm thinking purchasing the export module but at $150 is it worth it? Thank you. John Morris


Yeah, I've done that with the palm trees, worked fine. Why would you have to purchase an export module? I didn't have to do anything special
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it depends on the vue versions you have, not all have export and some have limited export I think. But it also depends on the plant, some plants are protected and canĀ“t be exported.


If you are talking about the planets that you add from the Planet button on the left and edit using the planets editor on the right, then my question is Why Do You Want To?????
Those are 2D Planets. Now if you are talking about some type of procedural planets then just build your own in TG2 or add a planet map to it.


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I think we have confusion here! :D
Plants not planets Thelby.


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I had quite good luck with some plants and trees but exported them as .3ds because that allows you to generate seperate Colour, Bump, and Alpha maps as well as the geometry. The trees don't work all that well due to a problem mapping the trunks and branches but it does the leaves well....I fix them [any export] to a TG2 legal .obj in PoseRay after export and berfore use in TG2.. ...
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Sounds promising. My main concern is the plants look different rather than looking than the same. Most of the plants are not node locked. I think I'll pony up to E-On my next payday. Thank you all for the info.

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World Construction Set used billboard images for plants in Version 1.0. It worked quite well in the far distance. It still may be a useful technique for distant plant populations.
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