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Started by dhavalmistry, February 18, 2007, 12:38:01 pm

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I was wondering if there is any limit to how many different populations you can have in a scene (I have deep version). I know there is a limit of 3 populations in free version....but that is not my concern....I am working on a scene for moodflow's challenge and I have one population of trees and it works fine....I also added 2nd population of trees (different kind) and when I try to render....TG2 crashes....

I know I should send this to support people...but are already working on my other scene and it seems they are busy as they havent replied in a while now....so if this problem is solved here...it would be good....

MY Specs:

Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 (2.4 GHz)
Gigabyte 6 Quad MotherBoard
2  GB RAM (OCZ 800 MHz)
Nvidia 7900 (512 MB) videocard

ok....I found something....its not my xfrog plant....I rendered a population without giving its textures and it worked fine....then I applied textures to them....and it crashed....so obviously there is something wrong in textures part.....the textures I am using are in TIFF format and they came with the model....

my population area is 500 x 1500

I would render perfect before population....

Texture Sizes

leaf 758 x 1024 (1.26 MB)

leaf alpha 758 x 1024 (36.8 Kb)

Bark 279 x 1024 (817 Kb)

A concern tho...the model I am using is not available to public...I bought the model from xfrog....

I dont know if this forum will allow me to do that....if its no problem...then I am happy to post it...

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We do have access to some of the commercial Xfrog objects so if you can specify which one it is we may be able to test this. Since it does seem related to the texture unfortunately we won't be able to verify or diagnose it without that, however.

There are some known issues with object rendering at present, as you probably know. The next patch should address many of these problems so you may want to wait for that to see if your problem is solved. However it would certainly be best we could check your specific problem as it may help us to resolve other OBJ-related crashes.

In the meantime you might also try re-saving the object as a TGO after loading and then re-do your population as a TGO reader instead of OBJ.

- Oshyan


My object is not OBJ it is in LWO format...I am sorry I forgot to mention that....currently I am using 3 plants in my population

Betula papyrifera Paper Birch

Juniperus virginiana Red Juniper

Pinus strobus Eastern White Pine
"His blood-terragen level is 99.99%...he is definitely drunk on Terragen!"


Although LWO does behave differently, the object rendering issues do affect all formats to some degree, I believe. In any case do name the plant if you can because as I said we may already have access to it. It may also help for me to just try another XFrog plant library model in LWO.

- Oshyan