My first Xfrog tree.

Started by Costaud, February 18, 2007, 01:04:20 PM

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Here is my first tree made with the free copy of XFrog 3.02, is not perfect (I don't know how to add the leafs yet) but is a good looking little tree, hope you'll like it. Btw "petit arbre" is french for little tree.


hi, could you give a little info on how exactly you made this. i have xfrogs demo, and cannot see how you make a tree...

great looking tree too!!... maybe with a leaf texture as the next step?...

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XFrog 3.02 (not the free demo) is not an easy program to master and you need a 3D application with an import/export plugin for .xfr one of my friend have Cinema 4D so I use this program to export the plant as a .obj (I don't have Cinema 4D or any other high end 3D program because it's too expensive), for making tree with XFrog  here a little tutorial , 1) Drag a simple object on the Root (Camera). 2) Drag a tree on the simple object you just made and name it "Tree" in the Parameter editor". 3) to make branch drag another tree on the tree you just made if you want more branchs drag another tree on the last tree you have made. 4) to adjust the branches and the trunk you have to select each of them and play with the zillion of parameters I cannot explain this here because it's too long but the more important parameters are the number of points in "Primitive" in the Parameter editor also the distribution parameter is very important. Hope it's may help you.