Cinema 4d Camera Import to Terragen2

Started by neods, January 10, 2010, 04:23:39 pm

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I've animated a camera in Cinema4d that I would like to get in to Terragen. Cinema 4d isn't able to export a chan file natively. On the Planetside website it's said that there are thirdparty tools available to export the camera from c4d. Where can I find these tools, as I've been searching for all around the internet but nothing. Started writing my own tool in COFFEE but feel that it's a waste of time if a solution already excists. Any ideas?


you are in luck!
check out TCA studios steadyCHAN...
a fairly new plug-in which will do exactly what you need!
now if we could just convince the author to make it reversible (Chan to C4d) I would be a very VERY happy chappy!