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Started by Thelby, January 15, 2010, 10:43:10 pm

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Yep, DAZ is currently in Beta for Bryce 7 and it looks like it is going to support instancing!!!
Feature List:
Known issues that will be fixed for launch, but are present in this beta:

* Instance Lab does not use true instancing (yet)

o Running out of memory placing large amounts of objects is
very easy

* Mac DS wrapper is non-functional

o DAZ Studio will not launch on the Mac

Features in this open development release:

* Vegetation Lab / Instance Lab -

o Paint a mix of tree species with brush.
o Paint species, change proportions and spacing.
o Replicate Objects.
o Paint any object via brush, like rocks, reefs, and shells on a beach

* Bryce 7 now uses the current sky as HDRI scene lighting
* Updated importers and exporters; obj, image formats, FBX, COLLADA
* PhotoShop plug-in hosting support updated to the current version of PhotoShop SDK
* Serial Number (SN) implementation - allows for time out dates, evaluation licenses, and the ability to turn on and off features with a SN.
* Rendering optimization - Major improvements in reducing render times
* Updates to support Vista file structure - Save content in user location not system location
* Bug fixes:

o 28944-Importing 3D objects
o 31436-Slow render times
o 14107-Nano previews different from main window
o 15694-Keep loosing HDRI probe
o 33305-Tree Lab - File Not Found
o 15147-Default Ground Texture

* User Interface Improvements

o Native Bryce UI elements (DAZ Studio Version dialog)
o Animated Splash Screen

Coming soon:

* True instancing in the Vegetation Lab
* DAZ Studio Bridge to Bryce 7.0

or go here to the forum:

Henry Blewer

I think they have a long way to go. I tried it some time ago. I found Terragen 0.9x more flexible.
Forget Tuesday; It's just Monday spelled with a T


The ability to paint instances is nice and i wish Terragen 2 had something a bit more powerful and precise then just the shader painter. I never really use it myself.


This version exports trees as meshes.


anybody test it yet ?
some renders to show ?


Rumor has it that Bryce 7 has either the Carrara 5 or 6 render engine. I do a bit a work in Carrara for my job and it has a really fast render engine. Actually, it is the faster renderer I have.
@ Seth, no I was going to Beta test just for fun, but decided not to at the last moment. Bryce is a fun little app. It taught me a lot of things when I used it.



Oh man, I just bought myself Bryce version 6.3 as my own Christmas present


Quote from: Thelby on January 16, 2010, 08:18:49 am
Rumor has it that Bryce 7 has either the Carrara 5 or 6 render engine.

I don't think so. The appearance is the usual Bryce one; Carrara look is quite different (and much, much better).

If you use TG2, Bryce is obviously not a competitor, but it can be interesting addition to your toolbox; e.g., I think that I will upgrade to V7 to use it as a tree generator now that it can export vegetation meshes.