Limitation of single object? - or render problem?

Started by Aenea, February 22, 2007, 02:39:13 am

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Hi there!

I have a little problem...

It´s known that with the free version of TG you can only add three populations.

But is there also a limitation of single objects or is the mistake elsewhere?

I have added several object to my current project (two trees and five farns)...
The trees render as well as the first two farns, but the others don´t.

They are shown as boxes in the preview, but somehow the program doesn´t render them.

Also I have to say that my second farn looks a bit strange, it has less leaves than the first farn....first I thought that something with heading, elevation, transforming is wrong, but all the data seems correct to me....

Did anyone else have this problem?



There might be a limit on textured objects, depending on memory as well as other issues in the present state of TG2 with textured objects (there are some problems to be fixed yet).  Another possibility is that you don't have all of your textures setup correctly.  Re-check to make sure Opacity = 1, that there are actually textures on the objects, that the multishader is in the same order as your MTL, etc.
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I dont think this is a problem with the number of individual objects your using. The limit in the free version only applies to populations, not single objects. Try a new scene and simple add  more than three objects to it and see what happens. It would of course be helpfull if you uploaded a zip file containing the tgd file and the objects and any images that are used as textures. I aggree that its likely to be an issue with the texturing of the objects. Also try (if you have not done so already) right clicking on the objects node and resaving them as tgo files and the replacing the initial objects with the new tgo's.
Good luck
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I found the mistake...

!dang! :o :o :o :o :o

My y-axis was incorrect......instead of typing -82m, the values were chance to see them *argh*
I shouldn´t shove the boxes around once I placed them  ;D


Anyway, thanks for the tips!