Hot Air Balloon

Started by Ladana, February 04, 2010, 06:42:31 am

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.tgo file of a hot air balloon. Maybe someone can use it. File size is apparently just a tad to large to post it as an attachment, so here is the link: Don't look at the landscape in the demo though, just made a quick fix for demo purposes.

So, this is my last try posting this .tgo before I give up on the forum software. Keeps complaining that I already posted this topic, even if I change the name, yet the topic doesn't show.


Thanks for uploading - a nice object to give scale to mountain scenes.


This, for some reason reminds me of one of those images you would see in ski holiday brochures in the mid 90's (Never skied a day in my life you understand), it has that affect for some reason: nice, simple image.  ;D

Regards to you.



thanks Ladana! and welcome to the forum!

Henry Blewer

Great looking balloon. Welcome to the forum.
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Very realistic! Thanks for sharing!


Thank you, Ladana, it's a great model :-)


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Thanks everyone for the nice welcomes, and @trailgirl: wow, that is a very nice picture.


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