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Started by sonshine777, February 22, 2007, 08:25:35 PM

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Has anyone seen this error message before. I have one render that when I try to render it at 1600x1200 gives this error about halfway through the render. The program promptly crashes after pressing ok. There is nothing in the scene that I haven't used together before.


I haven't seen it personaly but it seems to be a memory allocation error.


The world is round... so you have to use spherical projection.



Quote from: buzzzzz on February 23, 2007, 12:11:41 PM
Here's a Thread on this error Plenty to read.

Thanks Buzzzzz,

Some good reading on the subject, I guess I didn't go down that far on the posts.
I did determine as you did that the water was the problem, one thing that I did discover
on "this render" at least is that by turning off the "Casts Shadows" on the plane which had 
the water shader, I was able to render the scene ok.

(I will post the image as soon as I get one of the plants in the scene to cooperate) :)


I have found out with recent renders, that if you crop your render into 2 or more parts, the error will not occur.

If you are using GI, you might have to perform some postprocessing though, because the colours and lighting will be calculated differently. So there might be obvious seams.