"Alpine-like" terrain with Power Fractal (tutorial for newbs like me)

Started by kevnar, February 21, 2010, 10:39:02 PM

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Using the Alpine terrain fractal apparently takes longer than the power fractal method. I got an alpine-like mountainous terrain using a power fractal with the following settings.

Feature scale: 500 - (this is the X, Z size of the mountain and valley features, left right, and back and forth. You want it smaller for steeper mountains.)
Displacement: 3000 - (this is the Y size of the mountains, up and down wise. You want this slightly taller.)
Noise Flavour: Perlin Ridge (ridgey, craggy, veiny type terrain.)
Variation Method: Unclamped Multifractal. (Not sure how or why this works, but it does. Maybe someone could explain it.)
Noise Stretch XYZ: 2, 1, 1 (This is purely an arbitrary setting. You could also use 3,1,1, or maybe 1,1,2. It basically stretches the "veins" of the terrain longer in one direction, X or Z.)

That's basically it. Play around with the settings above to tweak it to however you think it looks good. The key here I think is the small feature size and the unclamped variation. It seemed to jump into alpine edges when I changed it. So try it out.