Anti Alias is messing up the whole rendering (Skybox render)

Started by _duke_, March 05, 2010, 02:44:33 am

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Hello again, here my 2nd Problem  :)
When i set up my render quality, i am able to raise all sliders except the AA.
I only have to set it on 2 and the render fails. During the prep pass everything is fine, the proper image can be recogneized, but when the final pass starts, the rendering is messed up with various errors. It differs from one blurry image to copied buckets to very small visible buckets. It depends on the render settings.

I hope, there is a solution for that.


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right image: same settings but AA is 2 (left image AA is 1)


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Did TG2 give errors or do you think you see errors?
There seems nothing out of the ordinary here.
You are rendering with very low quality settings (hence rendertime) and that "messes up" your render.
What were the other rendersettings, like detail and samples for atmo/clouds?

You said you can't raise AA, but also that you're using a registred version. Are you sure your keyfile functions correctly?
You should be able to use AA levels greater than 3.



Make sure that the motion blur in your camera is set to zero if you have set up a short animation for the different skybox camera positions. - A great Terragen resource with models, contests, galleries, and forums.


thx...motion blur is the thing, because i have an animation for the skybox directions. And it is invisible when AA is 1.  ;D ...hard to point out. The thing is, that i was on the right way to understand what happens, because i made a new cam with motion blur off and wanted to render an image with more detail. But since i changed the camera, everything was fine, now i know exactly why  ;D