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Started by Helinet, March 18, 2010, 09:19:14 am

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Hi !

I'm quite newbie with Terragen 2. I just purchased the full license and noticed this phrase in the Terragen web site: "With each user license you also get up to 5 addition render node licenses, depending on the edition, which means that you can render images on up to 6 computers per user (or 4 computers if you buy without the Animation module). "

What does that mean in practice ? And how to use it ?

Thank you in advance and my apologies if this has been answered elsewhere here.


With Terragen 2 Deep, you would have 1 "workstation" license, for scene creation and editing, and 3 *additional* render nodes. With Deep + Animation you get 5 additional render nodes, plus the 1 workstation license.

The additional render nodes allow you to distribute rendering tasks amongst other computer systems you may have, depending on the number of render licenses that come with the edition you purchased. You can either render multiple frames of an animation this way, or split up a single rendered image using "Crop Rendering" and stitch the full image together in an image editor. Note that in the latter case, you should render with an overlap to aid in stitching, to avoid lighting differences, etc. GI can be particularly problematic with crop render stitching.

To take advantage of this functionality simply install Terragen to the additional systems, up to the limit of your licenses, then load the TGD file you want to render on each system and render the image(s). You would use the same license key file. There is currently no way to automate the distribution of render tasks, either multiple frames or crops. 3rd party render managers are supported for managing animation rendering, but not for crop renders. Generally speaking you need to manually assign frame ranges or crop areas to each individual render system.

- Oshyan


Hi Oshyan !

Thank you for the clear answer.  :)