Looking for Terragen freelancer (commercial work)

Started by UtopiaPeople, March 23, 2010, 11:04:30 am

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UtopiaPeople is a freelance agency for postproduction and production specialists, we represent 6500+ freelancers around the world.
For more information about us please visit www.utopiapeople.com

Our client is a succesfull postproduction boutique in central Stcokholm.
They are in need of a 3D modeler with professional experience with Terragen (software).
You would be working with a high-end commercial for about 3 weeks, project starts 19 April.
Client will provide airline tickets and housing, daily rate approx 350-400€.
EC citizens prefered, no remote work (you must have documented previous experience with Terragen)

To apply
You must be registered as a freelancer on www.utopiapeople.com (register free at http://www.utopiapeople.com/forms/registration.php) If you are interested please email job@utopiapeople.before Thursday 24 March at 17:00 CET (the sooner we can get your application the better), marking your email with "Terragen-STHLM" please write any information that you want to pass on to client in that email. We will notify you if you are short listed.

Only applications with webreels will be considered (please use our HQ service www.theshowreel.tv, sign up free account).