"Ecoute ta Nature"

Started by Seth, April 14, 2010, 06:42:56 PM

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Hi guys,

An ex-tennisman named Yannick Noah just start a brand of "green" cosmetics names "Ecoute ta Nature".
Of course, I am not here to make an advertisement about that :p
But, as they wanted something "different" for the website presentation, I did an animation for the background.
The quality of the overall animation is not as I would like it to be (low budget => low quality to optimize the quality for the rende farm), but it worth a look I think ^^
Ecoute ta Nature

To see the animation, just click to the categories at the bottom of the wensite as shown in the picture :)

Henry Blewer

It seems my internet connection does not like this site. But then good transfer speed here (Binghamton NY) is about 300 K/sec.

What I did see was very good!
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I didn't like the web design...maybe if i know French it would be better. But waiting for the first page then for the second page so long?

Anyway this has nothing to do with your work Seth . I like the background animations.
How big did you render them , Seth?


It's fun, but man, that takes me back to the times of dial up, with that kind of speed. What is it preloading? All those movies? They should at the very least offer up two versions of the site, one with all the multimedia and one that's lightweight.

I thought Yannick was a musician now. I did like watching him play tennis back in the day...


Wow, horribly optimized site, but nifty videos. Wish we could see them without the excessive compression and crappy UI. ;)

Congrats on the job!

- Oshyan


thanks !

i don't care about the web design or the products sold in it.
i am not part of it ^^

Henry Blewer

We have seen enough of your work to know its fantastic quality. I am glad that the site used your work. Next year when Google moves its new hub here, this internet speed thing will not be an issue.

I kind of liked the site. HTTP 5 could have them rebuilding it soon.
Forget Tuesday; It's just Monday spelled with a T


great moods and lighting...the plants look great...well done on this, look forward to a hi res version!


Yes, nice animation - congrats on getting the work. But where is the HUGE sign saying "This animation made with TERRAGEN 2 -  the most Miraculous, Spectacular, Fantastic, Amazing, Incredible, Stupendous, Awesome (etc. etc.) 3D program ever invented!"?  ;)


great to finally see your animation, Franck. Is there a way you could post the full video in high quality somewhere?



Thanks guys. :)  i am at work right now but i'll try to post the original version somewhere tonight Frank ^^ as i told you some times ago, i had to do this animation the way the client wanted it... so that means i would not have done this animation like that if i had the right to do it my way. but it was fun anyway ^^


grmbl !!!
Vimeo has 500 MB limit !!!

damn, i am going to upload the stock version of the animation on youtube to start... pfff...
if anybody has another idea...



I hate YouTube, can't watch it in 720p... but i don't know where to post it...


Henry Blewer

Better viewing. Thanks, I have an idea now for a project!
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