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Started by 3DSFX, May 08, 2010, 09:25:25 PM

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Can someone tell me what a .ter file is and how to bring it into TG2 and what to do with it?  I have a couple of these that I downloaded off the web but I haven't learned how to use them yet. :(



.ter is a terrain file.

Adding it is simple, just like creating one based off a bmp image or such.  When on the Terrain tab, just go Add Terrain -> Heightfield (load file), then choose your .ter file.  Tada, should load into tg2 and you can modify its settings.


TER is the Terragen terrain file format. It works in both Terragen Classic and Terragen 2. In Terragen 2, simply create a Heightfield Load and point the file load dialog to the location of your TER file. To do this in the default scene, go to the Terrain layout, press the Add Terrain button, and select "Heightfield (load file)". The open file dialog will come up automatically. Once you select your file, it should update in the 3d preview and you'll see what the heightfield looks like in your scene. Note that heightfields cover a finite area, whereas TG2 uses a planetary model, so the heightfield will only cover a part of your planet which will appear as a raised area of terrain with flat planet around it. You can use various heightfield operators to adjust size, height, etc.

- Oshyan


Ok I'll try it.  I thought it was maybe an old version of a procedural planet.  I never thought to use it with the heightmap.